The University and the Challenge of Indigenous Stories

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As the university confronts colonialism, the academic disciplines need to come to terms with Indigenous story-telling as a form of knowing, of teaching and of learning. Indigenous stories pose a direct challenge to Humanities disciplines such as Literature, History or Law, which care deeply about stories, but which strive to tame stories by analyzing and containing them. The university needs to learn to listen and hear and to respond.

We would like to invite everyone interested in the Humanities at the University of Toronto to participate in a workshop on The University and the Challenge of Indigenous Stories, to be held April 12 2019 at Victoria College. The workshop is a sequel to the very successful workshop on “Humanities Pedagogy Confronting Colonization” held in October 2018.

In the morning a panel will address the significance to the Academy of Indigenous Story-telling. The story-teller-panelists, Lee Maracle, Brenda Wastasecoot, Dawnis Kennedy, and Keren Rice will each tell a story inspired by the theme of the panel. The stories could be traditional or personal. Respondents will then say what they found striking about the story or will retell the story they just heard in a way that is different but the same. Assembled around the circle will be witnesses who are free to respond to the stories as well. In the afternoon there will be an open discussion moderated by Lee Maracle about the impact on our pedagogy of indigenous story-telling.

9:30     Coffee

10-12   Panel: What is the Significance to the Academy of Indigenous Story-Telling?

Speaker: Suzanne Akbari

Panelists/ storytellers:

  • Lee Maracle
  • Dawnis Kennedy
  • Brenda Wastasecoot
  • Keren Rice


  • Christina Turner
  • Howard Williams
  • Mary Nyquist
  • Hilding Neilson
  • Karina Vernon

12        Lunch
1-3       Discussion

Speaker: Lee Maracle

This event is open to all who are interested in the the humanities at the University of Toronto. Registration is not required, and attendees may come for all or part of the day.  Emmanuel College is accessible via a ramp at the west side of the building at the main entrance off Queen's Park. For further information about accessibility, please contact (416) 585-4550.

Click on the image below to download this event flyer as a pdf file.


event flyer, The University and the Challenge of Indigenous Stories