Writing a history of Syria for a general audience

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Faculty Workshop: James Reilly—Writing a history of Syria for a general audience

As academicians we are trained to write for specialist audiences: first for our PhD committees, then for specialist audiences who (we hope) will assess our work as making original contributions to knowledge in our fields. Yet when we teach we adopt a different register, bringing our interests, knowledge and enthusiasms to wider audiences. In my recently published book on Syrian history I tried to bring my teaching experience to bear, to write a book that might appeal to a wider, non-specialist readership. Some habits of academic writing did not serve this objective. My presentation will discuss some of the choices and issues that arose in the course of preparing the book, an effort to bring the Ottoman and colonial eras into dialogue with Syria's present.

This event is free and open to all. Registration is required. For further information, please contact the Institute of Islamic Studies at (416) 946 5241.